Explained political convulsions Zelensky

Political analyst Vadim Karasyov said Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky frantically trying to save your rating. According to him, this explains the proposal to appoint ex-President of Georgia and former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili to the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

Zelensky frantically looking for a foothold in power. He has no normal support. “Servant of the people” fray, there is no permanent majority, — explained the scientist his opinion on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Earlier NEWS.ru reported that Mikheil Saakashvili on April 22, said: Vladimir Zelensky invited him to the government of Ukraine. The politician prepares to become Deputy Prime Minister for reform. Saakashvili announced a speech in the Verkhovna Rada, which will present the program “urgent change” in the country and plan its work in the Cabinet. He added that already discussed future decisions with the Prime Minister Denis Megalam.