After going to the grocery store all the packing is treated alcohol-containing disinfectants. Such actions are necessary to prevent a new type of coronavirus. This opinion was expressed by a leading researcher of the Institute of biomedical problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Svetlana Poddubko.

According to the specialist, process sanitizers need all the packaging with products after a trip to the store or to the market. Fruits and vegetables should be washed with almost hot water and then place in the refrigerator.

“All that you bring, all packaging which is brought into the house, of course, it is better to handle disinfectants with a high percentage of alcohol”, — quotes RIA Novosti news Agency the words of an expert.

however, she emphasizes that chlorine compounds are not suitable for this, as this may cause damage to health. For processing surfaces and doorknobs to use them you can, but in half an hour means you need to wash off.

As previously wrote “MK”, more and more people abandon traditional purchases and dramatically cutting spending, starting to save, even on food. In early may, about the transition in a forced regime of belt-tightening said 44% of Russians, while a month earlier, at the start of mode isolation, there were 28%.

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