the Magazine “GMP news” conducted a telephone survey of 604 professional beauticians. Although the study authors themselves suggest that the situation did not allow many of them to answer very frankly, but still indirect questions allowed us to draw some conclusions. They show that in the whole country for the period of the pandemic has suspended its activities 64.2% beauticians, and in St. Petersburg the figure was 86%, and in Moscow – about 63 percent. However, the capital was highest and the proportion of those who began to render services “at home” – 4.5 percent.

not only decreased their professional activity and beauticians of the Siberian Federal district – 36 percent of the far Eastern Federal district, only 12 per cent. The least impact of the pandemic on the demand noted by experts in the republics of the North Caucasus, where the decline noted only 56 percent of cosmetologists. The reason the authors see in the fact that in those Federal districts of the beauty industry is not as developed as in the European part of the country, and many here continue to provide such services privately.

to answer a common question: “What part of colleagues, in your opinion, began working on the grey market?”, can be seen that their proportion is approximately one third. But analysts believe, however, that home services can have no more than 15 percent.

But what is important for consumers of cosmetic services even in the face of a pandemic, most of these professionals, including those working in the “gray” segment of the market, continue to buy products only from official distributors – in General, according to the survey, 82 percent of these. However, increased and the proportion of those who take themselves and uses special drugs of those salons and clinics in which they officially work – these turned out to be about 8 percent. This practice is prevalent more in the North Caucasus republics (15 percent), the regions of the Ural Federal district (14%) and Saint Petersburg (12%).

beauty services, especially invasive, always contain certain risks, like all medical procedures, and operations. No, but sometimes there are messages about the consequences of even a single “injections of beauty”. To understand this is not only the professionals but also their clients. So it is hardly worth the risk, by agreeing to these services “in the kitchen” – even for the sake of unearthly beauty. Moreover, the restrictive measures have gradually been lifted.