Experts suggest to unload the prison

European human rights activists in mid-March addressed to the world health organization and the Council of Europe with a request to release part of the prisoners – they believe that it is necessary to significantly reduce the number of people in prisons to avoid the spread of the coronavirus there. Many countries have adopted relevant decisions.

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for Example, in Germany declared an Amnesty: there should be released to those whose term of imprisonment does not exceed 18 months, and those who should be free until July of this year. In France in the second half of March produced more than 6 thousand prisoners. In Indonesia released from prison 18 thousand people, it is planned to produce up to 30 thousand prisoners. In Iran, as reported, was temporarily released from prison more than 80 thousand people.

“there is No doubt that the same measures should be taken in Russia to prevent mass infection of prisoners and protecting their employees in prison, where there are no conditions for treatment and where the disease can spread with great speed and lead to catastrophic consequences – said, “RG” Advisor of the Federal chamber of lawyers Nver Gasparyan. In my opinion, the process of change the measure of restraint, courts should be differentiated. The measure of restraint in form of custody could be changed to house arrest, bail, prohibition of certain actions, with the exception of persons accused of committing especially serious crimes against the person, public safety and some other categories, representing an increased danger to the public”.

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In the Federal chamber of lawyers of Russia has reminded RG that there is still 24 March recommended that the regional chambers of lawyers to place on their websites calls for lawyers to refer to the circumstances of the pandemic in the petitions for change of measure of restraint for their clients, contained in the jail.

In turn, lawyer Boris Zolotukhin said, “WP”: “the Fact that in the United States, in connection with the pandemic, began to release prisoners, which, according to the authorities, a threat to society, is a common step that is necessary not only to welcome but also to learn how the experience authorities of other countries, including ours.”

According to him, in the penal colonies of the country are not only murderers, pedophiles and rapists but also those convicted of committing economic crimes and crimes through negligence. “And the last category is clearly, if released in connection with the pandemic, will not deal with relapse, – said Boris Zolotukhin. – Similar measures, in the form of changing the measure of restraint must be applied to persons detained in jail. In April it was expected the Amnesty to mark the anniversary of the Victory, but the draft resolution, it got restricted categories of convicted and accused. If the draft decree to expand and accelerate its adoption and use, it would really unburden the colony and prison, and became an effective step in the prevention of a pandemic”.

the Ministry of justice proposed measures to support the legal profession in the period of the isolation mode

the Commissioner of the President of Russia for entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov believes that in connection with the distribution of coronavirus need to release from prison all businessmen who are accused of crimes in the sphere of entrepreneurial or other economic activities.

“the Coronavirus is strongly reflected not only in the economy. SILbut the job has changed law enforcement system. The courts, the investigation, penitentiary institutions – all of them due to quarantine very noticeably adjusted their standard procedure. And I think that right now the life itself pushes us to be a reasonable step. Today we need to release from prison all businessmen who are accused of crimes in the sphere of entrepreneurial or other economic activities. And house arrest is also quite possible to replace a Deposit, what I have been saying,” said Titov.

As the RAPS, he added that conduct active investigations in this period is difficult, the courts may be reduced, borders closed, so the assumptions of the investigation that someone may be hiding, will now be malaanonan. “But for entrepreneurs it can be a chance to keep the business in a very difficult situation,” – said the Commissioner.

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Deputy head of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow, member of the Council for human rights eve Markachev also believes that prisoners convicted of petty articles, is to let go of freedoms to prevent the spread of coronavirus. “I am in favour of all persons convicted for non-violent crimes were released. I think that all minor crimes need to grant Amnesty,” – said eve Markachev.

According to her, the government at least should liberate older people who are in jail and are exposed to more than others. Markachev notes that could be translated into house arrest until sentencing. By the way, it is reported that the HRC has developed a bill giving the head of state the right to release some prisoners in emergency situations.

In state houses casein the infection of coronavirus infection are not registered. In this case, the Department organized round the clock monitoring of the epidemiological situation in places of confinement. In all institutions organized medical posts for identifying patients with respiratory symptoms.