Experts: Russians are easier to part with money when contactless payment

In some product categories, the average check when a contactless payment is markedly more than the payment in other ways — for example, in clothing stores and shoes it is above 5 times. To such conclusion analysts of Yandex.Cash, comparing payments for 2019 on websites and in apps through Apple Pay, Google Pay or some other means.

the Conversion of payments through Apple Pay and Google Pay reaches 94% and that the average receipt for contactless payments is often more than the card payments, due to the ease of making a purchase — no need to get a map and enter data, commented Oksana Korobkina, Director of the Department of Commerce Yandex.Money.

Experts estimate that most contactless payment connect companies that sell food products — 24% of them accept payments through the services. In other categories of goods and services share sites and applications using the services of contactless payments, a little less movie tickets, theaters, museums and concerts — 23% of sites, Souvenirs, and hobby goods, training and workshops, goods for beauty and health in each category at 20%, clothes and shoes — 18%, car parts and accessories — 17%, the goods for the house and garden — 16%.

the largest turnover of contactless payments among Russian sites, analysts have recorded in 2019 at the Internet-shops of electronics and household appliances. This is a nationwide trend. The exception is Moscow, where the leaders according to this indicator, were the services that sell movie tickets, theaters, museums and concerts. For Russia these sites are the second largest turnover of contactless payments.

last year, the largest average checks when contactless payment was the sites construction services and design — 9766 rubles. Amounts when paying by card via the Internet banking and other ways was 3 times less — an average of 3202 of the ruble. On the second place on average thku was the booking services of hotels (9579 rubles for contactless payment and 5068 rubles if paid by other methods). In the online stores of clothes and footwear average check when contactless payment was 5 times higher than in other cases — 5759 against 1123 rubles.

In Moscow, the highest average check in contactless payments was in 2019 on the sites and applications from tourism and recreation (19 900 rubles). In Ufa leaders on this indicator began online platforms that sell clothes and shoes (8103 rubles), Voronezh and Perm — sites of credit organizations (539 5263 and 10 rubles respectively). In other cities, the maximum average checks when contactless payment was for the booking services of hotels and Inns, as well as in home appliances and electronics.