From April of this year to capital doctors, more than 250 were received from tick bites. Most cases were recorded after a visit to parks, natural areas and suburban areas in New Moscow. Experts HPBW “Mospeada” told how to avoid becoming a victim of the tick.

– the Territory of Moscow is not endemic tick-borne viral encephalitis, but the city recorded cases of tick-borne borreliosis, – told “RG” the press service Mospeada. – According to the office of Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow for the entire 2020, four cases of the disease, in 2019 for the same period was nine.

As recalled in Mospeada, on especially protected natural territories of the city the use of chemicals for treatment against ticks is prohibited by law. To prevent mow the grass near playgrounds and sports grounds, along roads and trails, remove fallen trees. However, the visitors should not forget about security measures. So, going to parks, choose a closed-fitting clothes made of dense fabrics, sweaters with long sleeves and pants. Be sure to wear a hat. Preference is given to light-colored clothing. Shoes should be high. In the forest you need to avoid forests with dense vegetation. And after a walk to inspect yourself, children and Pets on the subject of ticks. Check out all the things that have brought with a stroll – bags, blankets, and more.

– For the prevention of tick bites you can apply insect repellents, but if the tick nevertheless has bitten – go to the nearest emergency room Moscow, – explained in Mospeada.

the Season of activity of ticks in the Metropolitan area usually lasts until October, and if the autumn is warm, and until November.