Experts predicted a shortage of coffee on the world market due to coronavirus

the spread of the coronavirus in a number of countries in South America can lead to acute deficit in world coffee market. Currently in Brazil, Colombia and Peru in a critical situation with the supply of coffee beans due to the lack of manpower at harvest, according to Bloomberg. These countries account for almost two-thirds of the global market of the world’s supply of coffee beans Arabica.

due to the introduction of isolation in many countries of the continent, the collection of coffee bean was paralyzed due to the fact that the employees work as a group and there is a risk of infection in case of illness of one of them. In addition, this work is poorly paid and the owners of the plantations, especially in the current environment, it becomes increasingly difficult to hire pickers.

due to Bank closures, shortages, stricter sanitary norms are violated, the whole chain for the production and sale of coffee in the world. In this regard, the experts predict a significant increase in coffee prices by the end of 2020, the year. According to the publication, consumers are increasingly buying coffee in stores, using the fact that some of them have introduced special discounts on it.