Radiant, the then 27-year-old Lance Armstrong is at the 3. July 1999 on the podium of the Tour de France prologue in Les Epesses. For the first time, an American, gets the Yellow Jersey twenty years ago, over strips. Tens of more times should follow up to 2005. Seven Times, Armstrong wins the Tour series.

no one suspects that it is probably the darkest of the discharge. Armstrong is for many years, dangers of drugs, like many of his professional colleagues. In 2012, he is stripped of all Tour victories. In addition to Armstrong, also names like Rasmussen, Casagrande, Landis, or Contador dominated the Doping history of the Tour.

Since the last big Doping-pop in the framework of the “Grande Boucle” although seven years have passed. The Cycling with the Teams and drivers are purified and clean. However, not all are of this opinion.

“The athletes feel that they have to do this,”

Ex-professional and Doping sinner Jörg Jaksche (42) declared a few days before the Tour Start in the “MDR”: “It is almost as fast as the Doping weddings. The athletes are still to do so. Because it is wanted and because it is expected.”

only a few Behind to be Caught, but the driver, practically never one of the Stars. The renowned Doping expert and medical doctor, Fritz Sörgel and white to the news Agency DPA, why only a few cases are busted. “It hits the without mafia protection. These are unfortunate people in the million game and her serve for the Look, the doping tracking works!”

Stefan Schumacher (37), also he a Doping sinner, the skin in the same notch. The German says: “The recent events with doping cases in Cycling, but also other sports show that has not really changed anything.” Also in the upcoming Tour of the skepticism about the performance of the bike is ride Stars. (rib)