MOSCOW, may 2 – RIA Novosti. Experts said the pandemic coronavirus can change the rules of accommodation in hotels, reports the Express.

in Almost all countries hotels are now closed, but their management is looking for ways in the future to make your stay more safe from the sanitary point of view. The publication interviewed the staff at major hotel chains about possible changes of the order of accommodation of tourists.

Almost all of the hoteliers said they are planning to do more frequent and thorough disinfection of the areas and items that guest use often. Attention cleaners will be paid to wash door handles, light switches, the TV remote, the buttons on the thermostats. To show that after cleaning, no one came into the room, the rooms can be sealed.

at the entrance to the building, zones of heavy traffic, in elevators, gyms and restaurants you plan to install the disinfecting station. Also network considering the possibility of decontamination of premises with a special spray and UV light.

A plan to revise the content of the rooms and some of the objects are replaced by digital counterparts. In particular, from the rooms can disappear the Handbook for guests, branded paper notepads and pens. Instead of offering an electronic catalogue, and supplies for records will be issued upon request.

Check-in can be completely contactless. To select a number and gain access to the room with a digital key that you will use mobile apps on phones.

Some networks to reduce contacts expect to refuse service in the rooms and to introduce a rule allowing to get into the Elevator one at a time, if you live not together.