Experts have criticized the anti crisis volumes of state business

President Vladimir Putin has offered to provide small and medium businesses grant financial payout. If a firm in conditions of a pandemic have managed to stay afloat and not lay off the entire staff, she is entitled to assistance in the amount of 12 thousand 130 roubles per employee per month. From this it follows that in fact the workers will live on the Dole, officially keeping jobs.

According to experts, current government initiatives, even in conjunction with the previous support measures, still look microscopic and will not save you from rising unemployment. The head of state instructed to provide small and medium enterprises direct grant aid — on 12,1 thousand rbl. on the employee. If they retained at least 90% of staff on 1 April. The money will go on payment of salaries in April and may.

Initiative itself is not bad and some assistance it will provide. But why the year starts with April 1, while the sectors that suffered the most — restaurants, hotels, services, airlines began to cut people and send workers on unpaid leave in March? It turns out, they assistance the state will not see?

“we Can say that this is the first case of real financial assistance to state businesses and households, but now it looks like a handout, especially considering the amount of aid in other countries,”- says the expert of the Academy of management Finance and investments Aleksey Krichevskiy.

“With a population of 140 million people, the total amount of payments in a month will amount to 1.7 trillion rubles a month. In reality it will be only about 0.5% of GDP. In addition, payments for April will be made at the end of may. With the may payout, the situation is exactly the same, and despite the fact that people have to live today, not in months,” — emphasizes the expert.

According to Krichevsky, the middle class in the country completely destroyed. “In Russia actually were two categories — poverty, — he said. — In order not to sink into poverty 12 thousand a month, if employers are really going to get that money, may be enough”.

Save the state managed, of course, not all entrepreneurs. But probably 25-35% of small and medium enterprises will still be able to count on such help from the state. “This support is not intended for all small and medium businesses, but only for enterprises included in the government approved list of affected industries, — said the Deputy head of “Information-analytical center “Alpari” Natalia Milchakova. — Will be able to prevent mass unemployment will depend on the state of the economy as a whole.”

“Such assistance is better than nothing, – said a leading analyst of the Forex Optimum Ivan kapustyasky. But a large part of a small business, probably still bothnecrotica. “For example, restaurants now do not earn, but pay the rent and bear other fixed costs. If the owners fixed costs are not minimized, the help of the state they will be useless,” — emphasizes kapustyasky.

the President also instructed to facilitate access for businesses to credit on wages, namely to ensure at least 75% of the volume of payroll loans by guarantees of the Bank. “About tax breaks not even aware of FNS, measures vacation credit is also more imaginary. Loans for the payment of salaries, the business will not take. Goes, by and large, nothing has changed,” concluded Alex Krichevsky.

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