Experts gave advice on the use of soap and antiseptics in a pandemic

the More frequent use of antiseptics may dry up the skin. For this reason, experts also advise to wash hands with soap and water as often as six times a day.

“Antiseptic should be used, if you in public places. If at home, plain soap, and not washing their hands every five minutes. You are at home, so nothing there,” – said the candidate of medical Sciences Lyudmila Smirnova, noting that all alcohol-containing antiseptics severely dry skin.

According to the beautician Galina Chestnut, too often washing hands “with bleach or alcohol, there is no sense absolutely.” Wash hands expert advises regular baby soap.

“Touched the money, probably, it is necessary to wash your hands. And then take a normal cream for the hands, bad fat, with hydration” she said.

MOE gave recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus after returning home from the street.

To prevent the infection of coronavirus infection, after returning from a walk, you need to change and wash the shoes. Used a mask and gloves must be disposed of by throwing them in a separate plastic bag. In any case can not forget about hand washing.

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