Experts explained the maneuvers of the su 35 near spy plane of the US Navy

Based in the Mediterranean 6th fleet of the U.S. Navy, complained about the actions of the pilot of the Russian fighter su-35, which is maneuvered over the Mediterranean sea near the anti-submarine patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon of the U.S. Navy. The video is published, as the Americans say, “dangerous and unprofessional” pilot of the Russian fighter. “MK” asked the experts how they assess the incident.

According to the 6th fleet of the U.S. Navy, April 19, su-35 flew eight metres from the plane P-8A Poseidon. It all happened in international airspace over the Mediterranean sea. Our su-35 was twice close to the spy plane. The second convergence, as stated in the release from the Navy, was “unsafe and unprofessional”. A sharp maneuver our fighters allegedly even caused surging of one of the engines “of Poseidon”.

According to experts of “MK” the situation is not as straightforward as it is presented by the U.S. military. First, the practice of tracking foreign fighters military aircraft in international airspace – business as usual.

a Well-known incident when NATO fighters escorted over the Baltic transport aircraft with defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who flew to Kaliningrad region. While NATO fighters also went quite close to our aircraft.

second, the 6th fleet says nothing about what tasks they performed reconnaissance plane over the Mediterranean sea and what was his route. Certainly the alleged incidents took place off the coast of Spain, Italy or France. It is clear that the American goal was the exploration of the situation off the coast of Syria. And so, as you know, there are Russian military bases – naval aviation Tartus and Hamim.

Both databases cover our defense systems – s-400, s-300, “Carapace-C1” and “tor”. Covering not just, but because our bases and then fired on by insurgents. Quite possibly, those groups that are actively supported by the United States.

So to exclude that intelligence collected by American “Poseidon”, after some time will be in the hands of militants, it is impossible.

-If our pilot on the su-35 was ordered to keep American spy as far from our bases, his actions are quite justified, – said “MK” military pilot with great experience. – I think it was.

In turn, former military pilot Igor Sulim believes that support military aircraft fighter planes – usual practice.

“In most cases what happens. Pilot another pilot is always respected, In peace time, this is a common practice for a decent and self-respecting people,” he said.

on the other hand, he said, it is important that pilots and our, and us – “do not record” air hooliganism “unnecessary show-off.” “They say, look,��to I can. But you and your counterpart can also. And what if you collide in the air with the plane powerful lizard powers? Responsibility what will be the consequences?”, – asked a rhetorical question Igor Sulima.