Experts called the timing of the exhaustion of the reserves of Russia

a Little more than two years, there may come a time of exhaustion of liquidity reserves of the national welfare Fund, Russian Finance Ministry, if the Urals oil produced in Russia, will cost $ 15 per barrel.

This forecast was presented by Deutsche Bank analysts Peter Sidorov and Christian Rag, RBC.

it is Estimated that currently in the pod of the Ministry of Finance has accumulated about $ 120 billion. At the current exchange rate of the Russian national currency-liquidity of the reserves is approximately nine trillion rubles.

According to experts, this money is enough to cover the deficit of oil and gas revenues for just over two years.

But if the value of the Russian “black gold” will reach $ 30 per barrel, the period of exhaustion of reserves will be close to six years.

Two days earlier, the price of Russian oil Urals in Northwest Europe fell to 11.59 per barrel. In the Mediterranean the price of shipments by 80 thousand tons decreased n 12.09 dollars per barrel, the minimum price since March 1999.