Experts called the nine rules comfortable travelling alone

MOSCOW, 13 APR – RIA Novosti. Experts called rule comfortable travelling alone, reports Travel and Leisure.

Find the right property. Place of residence choose not only cute and comfortable, but also safe. The hotel needs to be round the clock front Desk and in – room safe for valuables.

Take only the necessary things. Traveling solo, you cannot count on help with the Luggage.

Make a financial plan of the tour. Before you travel it is advisable to see the prices in cafes, museums and transport in the city in which you are heading. And take a little more money in reserve. They are best stored separately from amounts on everyday expenses.

Use the recommendations. Friends who have visited places where you are going, can share valuable information, and state agencies – to disclose on its website the rules of travel in the region.

Prepare a plan of action in an emergency. Decide what measures will be taken, for example, if the flight is cancelled or you become ill.

Specify the complete route of travel and leave this information with people you trust, regularly talk on the phone with them.

Buy the insurance, medical services in some countries can be very expensive.

do Not overload the itinerary. The first and last days of travel would be better spent on passive leisure.

Use time for a solo trip to get to know yourself better and make new acquaintances.