Now doctors around the world are not so many resources to stop the spread of the coronavirus. So every way to contain the pandemic very valuable. May 12, in the Moscow region introduced the compulsory wearing of masks in public places. Until that time, their use is Advisory in nature.

We have done extensive work with commercial pharmacies – we have more than 4 thousand, and with the state – of 300, – told in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. Now we have the mask. Earlier, a month ago, we could not afford. There was not enough masks. All the masks went to the clinic, polyclinics and hospitals. So we will wear, to order, to beg, to make. All good measures to defeat the situation that now worries every family.

According to experts, masks and respirators is a very effective means of individual protection, which will reduce the number of infections significantly. To monitor the wearing in the region will be the police, traffic police and other law enforcement and Supervisory authorities. Under the public places where the use of protective equipment mandatory, there are shops, pharmacies, public transport, including taxis, and all companies continuing work.

Declared and the amount of the fine for not having the mask 4 thousand rubles.

– I think this is a very correct and timely disposal of the Governor – says a resident of Balashikha semen ascension. – When I see a man on the street without a mask, I don’t feel right. It may be infected. Passing through the street, he is able to infect several people. And then this chain will not be interrupted. And if the time reached to all that personal protective equipment is our salvation, we would come out of this vicious circle much faster. People wear masks, I beg you!

the less of the virus enters the body, the higher the chances to recover easily

the Chief state sanitary doctor of the region Olga Mikailova said that the use of this remedy is now extremely important: “the Virus is transmitted from person to person mainly by airborne droplets, using microdroplets of respiratory secretions, which are formed when infected people speak, sneeze or cough. With air, these droplets can get on the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract of healthy people that are near an infected person.

– Protective masks against coronavirus help only if they are properly used, – explains the doctor the epidemiologist of GBUZ MO “Stupino regional clinical hospital” Aleksandr Shumilin. – Let me remind you that the wearing of masks may limit the spread of respiratory virusx infections. Such infections include SARS (colds), influenza, and coronavirus, a new type. However, experts specify: the degree of protection that gives health mask healthy people, efficient under certain conditions. In crowded places bandage on face will delay the small droplets of saliva and mucus that contain the virus particles. Due to this reduced the amount of virus entering from the patient in the body is infected person. The less of the virus gets into your body, the higher the chances that the immune system will cope with it.

“respect to the mask mode is one of the necessary measures to combat the spread of coronavirus in the region. It is very important to the people responsible attitude to the recommendations used masks and respirators in all public areas – shops, pharmacies, public areas, and also working on businesses and the movement of transport,” – said the Minister of health of Moscow region Svetlana Strigankova.

By order of the Governor Andrei Vorobyov in the region formed the necessary stock of masks.

“We bought medical masks in sufficient quantities and formed a one-month supply in hooptech. We carry out constant monitoring of their presence and, if necessary, quickly reloadable,” – said the Director of the state pharmacy network MO Mosoblmedservis Irina Politykina.

there is no shortage of mask is

many the question arises: whether the mask is available? It is no secret that until recently this product on the shelves of pharmacies is simply absent. The situation in the suburbs has managed to radically change. If you walk, for example, the outlets of Mozhaisk, in the free market easily detect antiseptic soap, disposable gloves, napkins, sanitizer and, of course, the mask is item number 1 everywhere.

the stores of the format “All hundred”, which is now the principle of “one window” on the main storefront is lined only range from the category of “no coronavirus”. Two standard medical masks you can buy at $ 100, a pair of gloves – 50. In pharmacies of the deficit is also not observed. Reusable mask easy to buy for 150 rubles, disposable 50. Even in the sausage departments from private owners, at the grocery store and markets is Packed with the masks hanging in price from 20 to 130 rubles apiece.

Meanwhile, the mask industry also develops. A sew at home “fashionable” masks with sequins, bright prints and funny slogans. Meanwhile, cities continue to convert production at a plant for making data protection. In the same Mozhaisk famous factory “Dandy” that makes men’s suits, started to produce a mask for every taste – simply in black and “cheerful”, juicy shades for women and children. Did the same and the local enterprise which manufacturing��AET fashionable clothing for plush toys. They, too, started making masks for the needs of the city district.

In the suburbs daily basis release 620 thousand masks. Just over a month, the production volume increased in two times. This was achieved through the conversion of 11 companies specializing in light industry. Now production of medical masks in the 14 companies. They work in 3 shifts, purchasing extra equipment. Willingness to restructure the production in the nearest future expressed another 9 companies.

the Government of MO to study the issue with the supply of additional raw materials necessary for the production of masks. For the enterprises which they are made, increased the size of grants for compensation of expenses from the purchase of equipment from 30% to 80%. In a number of municipalities organized to attract individual entrepreneurs and ateliers to making medical masks. This allows not only to provide PPE to the local hospital, but to save jobs.

may 12, shopping will be possible only with the use of masks. According to the Minister of agriculture and food of the Moscow region Andrey Razin, in the event that the buyer came in without PPE, he will be able to buy a mask in the cash area without charge, at an affordable price “Despite the fact that up to 12 may “mask mode” is a recommendation, many retailers already inform buyers about what store it is important to observe not only the distance, but use of personal protective equipment”.

Andrei Razin also stressed the need for adherence to isolation: “We encourage visitors and residents not to forget about the complex epidemiological situation and all the necessary goods to order remotely.”

Control of the transport will be strengthened

By may 12, the Ministry of transport and road infrastructure of the Moscow region to strengthen control over the presence of passengers in public transport and the surrounding infrastructure in masks or respirators. This was announced by first Deputy Minister Anna Krotova: “every day, the Ministry of transport of the Moscow region jointly with Asgardia and law enforcement checks of public transport in the presence of a QR code and compliance with social distance. Raids are held at major hubs, at bus stops, railway stations, buses, trains and taxis. With 3 may as part of the verification passes, the inspectors of the Department will conduct outreach to passengers on the compulsory wearing of masks. For the non-proliferation of coronavirus may 12, passengers without masks would not be to put in public transport”.

Note that earlier the Ministry of transport of the Moscow region, when you check the passes organized the distribution of masks to the passengers in public transport and at bus stops.

“We encourage all passengers to carry in public transport and Maxi prepare for the mandatory wearing of face masks or respirators,” – said the Agency.

How to use the mask

In Eastern countries (Korea, Japan etc) where everyone wears a mask, without exception, the situation with the disease much better than in Europe. They clearly understand: if you enter the room, be it a shop or an entrance, the mask is vital. And it’s not just the crowding. There’s a lot of dust, which is a wonderful transmitter of the virus, allowing it to linger in the air.

do you know how to wear masks? It turns out that there are some important nuances to ensure that the protection was effective. Besides, the masks are of different types.

Medical disposable face mask has 2 sides – blue and white. Colored side is treated with a special disinfectant solution. And that it prevents the ingress of bacteria and viruses in the human respiratory tract. And the white side of the mask is a filter.

So if you wear a medical mask white side facing you, you prevent the release of the virus out. That is, this method is good if you, unfortunately, are already a carrier of the virus, and want to keep from infecting others.

But if you are healthy and wear a mask for your own protection, you must wear a white layer outside.

putting on the mask should be possible to straighten the creases in it and distribute the substance on the surface of the face, covering the nose, mouth and chin. A metal or plastic to-lock should be forced to deform, giving it a form that is anatomically close to your nose.

Wear a disposable medical mask, can be no longer than two to three hours. And if she gets damp from your breath, then to change it you need much faster. And, no way, it should not then be washed and ironed for reuse. Protective blue layer will still be destroyed and will no longer be able to protect You. After using this mask must be disposed of in sealed package.