If you encounter websites that advertise for home tests against the corona virus, you must not let you lure.

It takes at least several experts who strongly warn citizens against buying the tests.

It writes Jyllands-Posten.

Lars Jørgen Østergaard, who is a professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine and Infectious diseases at Aarhus university Hospital, explained to Jyllands-Posten, that he has seen several home tests available on different websites.

But he does not believe that there is medical evidence about the tests gives an accurate result.

“the Problem is that a wrong result may provide a false sense of security. If you think you have had the disease and are thinking that now I can just turn me loose, and I don’t need to keep so much distance, now I’m immune, then it may well be a problem for smittekæderne,” says Lars Jørgen Østergaard of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Therefore, he believes that the tests should go through the authorities before they become available.

For a little over two weeks ago aired the Statens Serum Institut thoughts about possible home tests.

“We are about to try to set systems up, which is based on testing. Then get a doctor in sentinelprogrammet a patient in the tube, which they assess have a respiratory infection, but not sick enough to come to the hospital,” and so can a relative go down and pick up a test kit at the doctor,” said the deputy permanent secretary Tyra Grove Krause to trade newspaper Ingeniøren.

At present, the institute can however not say anything about when hjemmetestene is ready.

In total 2.860 danes have been infected with the coronavirus.

According to figures from the John Hopkins University is more than 850,000 people infected worldwide.