The independent expert Yury Antipov has published a photo revealing the “evidence” of Ukraine on the case of the crash of Boeing MH17.

Antipov – the technical expert who conducts his own investigation about the reasons of the crash Malaysian liner in 2014.

In his opinion, the Ukrainian authorities deliberately destroyed evidence in the case. Specialist published several photos that reveal the deception.


The expert wrote a great text on this subject. He divided it into 4 parts, and promised to consistently publish on the channel.


Antipov recalled that the Ukrainian army actively shelled the area where fell the wreckage of MH17 after the crash.

“it would Seem, why to leave heavy weapons to the area where it was assumed the work of experts and representatives of public organizations?” asked the expert.

He believes that Kiev intelligence agencies thus decided to slow down search operations and “fill” the area with shrapnel, and later issued for clues.

Antipov has also published two pictures of the same crater from different angles. In one picture I can see the wreckage of the Boeing, on the other they are not.

The Ukrainian expert called the investigation “a sham” and said that Kiev tried to find the real culprits in the crash was harder.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that in the court of the Hague declared the launch of “Buk” on the MH17.