Munich – So you and your family cope with the Corona-crisis…

Since two weeks it’s time for the Kids to house arrest instead of Kindergarten or school. Play with friends, visits to grandma and grandpa’s falling out. For the Little ones, the current Situation is to understand just hard to come by. For adults, the generally is a challenge. These expert tips will help.

tips for kids

children in Kindergarten or primary school age, a lot of with get over “this threatening Virus”. “This can cause great anxiety in children,” says Sigrid Aberl, chief doctor of the clinic for child and adolescent psychosomatics of Schwabing in Munich clinic.

The head doctor is recommended to tell the children what is happening – and that less people fall ill, if we stay mostly at home. So the kids can understand why we behave and feel at home for sure.

a daily rhythm is important. “The morning should remain for the completion of homework reserved. Smaller children can be employed, for example, with the craft, motion, and rate of play, but also with household tasks and learn success experiences,“ says Aberl. Extremely important is also the movement and fresh air. This can be, walks in the Outdoors, ball games or Working in the house.

How long is my child allowed to watch television, answer the phone, or Playstation games?

in General, clear rules are important here. The chief doctor of children and youth psychosomatics, but it also says: time to turn to it for school assignments or Skyping with friends. “Social contacts are important for people and parents should allow their children in this difficult time, to maintain the available channels.”