Expert there is a way to ward off spy planes the United States from the objects of the Russian Federation

the US Sixth fleet has published on Twitter a video of rapprochement of the Russian su-35 anti-submarine patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon over the Mediterranean sea.

on the Eve of Russian military spotted an unknown aircraft, which was flying over neutral waters in the Russian facilities in Syria. To identify a rose in the air duty fighter from the air base Hamim. The pilot identified the car of the U.S. Navy and took it on support.

the Us military said su-35 twice closer to P-8A Poseidon. The first surgery they considered professional, the second is unsafe because the high speed fighter, according to them, has led to turbulence and the exhaust of the jet engine anti-submarine aircraft.

In the defense Ministry, in turn, said that all flights by Russian machines are in accordance with international rules of using airspace over neutral waters.

the political Scientist, military expert Ivan Konovalov on radio Sputnik commented on the situation.

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