Cycling, Unfortunately, is not the Tour of Flanders on Sunday. The koersfanaat mourn his/her / its wielerhart open. In fact, the times of the solar corona, and the cancellation of the entire classical spring-the official Tour of Flanders games.

‘do you Know, what are we to do? We will be playing a game tonight!’ The fabric may be made in the current lock state of the old, forgotten slogan of the toy MEG will be swept away. Flanders continues to be massively in his room and looking for a distraction, especially with the long nights and weekends to complete. Board games are hip again. And since they were playing at Day One MPM, and the Flanders Classics are good at this.

If you can’t make it to the course, you can (or you can catch flounder when it is a bit faster), the price to you. Thanks to the new, official, Ronde van Vlaanderen-game, you need the Most Beautiful, not to be missed. Brave the wind and weather like a real Flandrien, to overcome the hard and the most iconic climbs and the place, at the right time, with the winning or not to keep your opponents away from you to shake it.

This game is suitable for players aged 8 years and over, and it can be played by 2 to 6 people. It can be in the base game, or the expertenversie. In both versions, the price changes all the time, which means that both experienced team leaders as neoprofs always stand out of the crowd to be. The game is 39,95 euro for sale at Standaard Boekhandel,, FUN, Dreamland, and the best toy shop.

Man, it gets worse, so you should not see this strange and awkward situation. Just slide them on the table, play it and enjoy it.