Even with the federal government’s fuel rebate, prices at the pump are still very high. You should definitely get a gas price app to find cheap gas stations. Fuel-saving tips are of course always a good thing, but at some point the moment of truth comes at the gas station.

What is then often a good tip are foreign gas stations. For trips abroad, you can simply fill up the tank again at the neighbors’, if you live in the border area, you will always get cheaper fuel. The free app “Benzinpreis-Blitz” shows whether it’s worth it at all. It offers official petrol and diesel prices from seven countries.

Gasoline Price Blitz has been popular with many users for the past few weeks because the app provides fast and reliable results. It not only offers official fuel price data from Germany, but also offers other countries:

The makers only tap into official sources, for example the Austrian interface at E-Control. That is why there is no data on E10 in Austria, for example. The petrol stations marked in red and green are important. Red means that maximum prices are charged at this gas station, green entries deliver the currently cheapest price.

Of course, longer detours are not a good idea for the environment and are not economically worthwhile either. But depending on the price difference between Germany and the neighboring country, a few kilometers can be worthwhile.