In terms of consideration and patience, the battery of some Tesla drivers is currently empty. The bone of contention: the situation at the charging stations. As the news site Teslarati reports, some Tesla drivers would simply park in the spaces at the charging stations without charging their electric cars. The drivers, who urgently need to charge the battery of their Tesla, are at a disadvantage due to the blocked space.

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That is why the disadvantaged Tesla drivers in the USA and China are now taking revenge on their fellow car owners with a perfidious action. As pictures and videos on social media show, they simply connect the parking offenders to the charging stations. This trick works especially well with the Y and 3 models, since unauthorized persons can also open the charging flaps of these vehicles and connect the Teslas to the supercharger despite the locking.

This will – not surprisingly – start the loading process. As soon as the battery is fully charged, so-called blocking fees are incurred because the car now unnecessarily occupies the charging space. 50 cents to one euro per minute are then due for the blocker, who only finds out about his horrendous fine when he returns to the car.

This expensive awakening should probably be a lesson for the parking offenders. In the meantime, the self-proclaimed “saviors” are boasting about their revenge actions on social networks. “I love helping the community,” wrote a Tesla driver who connected a parking offender to the charging station on Twitter. “I have fulfilled my good deed for the day.”

It remains to be seen whether Tesla will implement a software update in the future to prevent the loading doors from being opened by anyone other than the vehicle owner.

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