Exclusive New Sanjar: through the barricades to quarantine

direct link To program “60 minutes” was one of the evacuees on the eve of China’s Ukrainians. Nikita Turew is located in Novye Sanzhary in the sanatorium of the national guard. He told about how they met at home.

According to Turaeva, taken out of Wuhan citizens of Ukraine and foreigners after landing in Kharkiv was put in the buses.

“We drove five hours, making several stops along the way, on the way we eat”, he added.

At the entrance to their destination, the buses were met by the first of the barricades, but they were able to safely escape thanks to a barrier of police.

“We passed this area without problems. But when we moved into the New Sanzhary, was hotter: a lot of people, police. The bus was shouting and talking. We were surrounded by a ring of police and we were able to pass,” — said the Ukrainian.

Turev noted that the people in the cabin behaved calmly, although foreigners were in shock. They did not expect such a reception: in the bus the stones were flying, glasses were broken.

However, Nikita justifies the behavior of compatriots: “local residents were unhappy. They were in fear of the unknown virus. They can understand and forgive”.

moreover, for Toreva such a meeting was not a surprise: “I expected that this would happen”.

Nikita has studied in China and intends to go back as soon as things calm down. In conclusion, he told about conditions of stay in quarantine: “We live in a room for two people, has all the amenities of a comfortable environment. Fed well three times a day. Temperature is measured regularly, but the tests no one takes. The territory is guarded by police patrols”.

20 Feb Chinese from Wuhan to Ukraine were evacuated 73 people. Of these, nearly fifty — Ukrainians, and the rest foreigners. After passing the necessary procedures, they were sent to quarantine in a medical center of National guard of Ukraine, located in the pthe touchstone of New Sanzhary in Poltava region. This angered local residents, they staged a protest rally. Buses arrived threw stones and entrances to the sanatorium, where people were taken to temporary accommodation, was trying to block. During the clashes injured 10 people. Most of the police officers.
on February 21 the situation in Poltava will be discussed at an emergency meeting. In fact the riots in Novye Sanzhary two criminal cases, arrested 24 people.

Meanwhile, the number of victims of the new coronavirus in China has increased to 2236, the total number of infected exceeded 75,4 thousand people and recovered 18 264 people.