In the social media are circulating photographs of the railing of a bridge suspended doll with the inscription “Greta is your God” (Greta is your God). As the 16-year-old climate protection activists, the doll wore two braided pigtails. Who is behind it, is not yet known.

policy representatives reacted in horror to the opposite Thunberg targeted threat. Rome’s mayor Virginia Raggi called on the residents to “solidarity” with Thun Berg’s family. The head of the Italian social Democrats, Nicola Zingaretti, denounced the “macabre violence” the authors of the action. These were unable “to respect ideas with which they disagree”.

Thunberg is the face of the global youth movement “Fridays for Future”, which campaigns for more climate protection. At the conclusion of the of the young Swede-initiated climate week, half a Million Italians went to the end of September on the road. (SDA)