The municipality of Aidlingen in Baden-Württemberg is still looking for suitable locations to accommodate refugees. Before a decision could be made on what was now the third attempt, the vote failed – for a strange reason.

The tough search for suitable locations to accommodate refugees has taken another, rather surprising turn in Aidlingen.

Most recently, with the exception of a rather small property at Berggasse 7 in the center of Aidlingen, all proposals were rejected by the district office in two attempts due to a wide variety of objections. Now the local council should decide on the issue again at its last meeting last week. The council should vote on seven locations that have actually already been excluded – including two areas in the Deufringer industrial area that are basically only suitable to a limited extent.

However, that didn’t happen. The reason: More than half of all 24 council members (including Mayor Ekkehard Fauth) had to declare themselves biased because they or someone from their relatives lived less than 100 meters away from one of the parcels. The result: the committee no longer had a quorum.

Now it’s time for detention. The council is scheduled to make a decision at a special meeting on June 3rd. Main office manager Timo Koch quoted from the municipal regulations, which define the correct procedure in this case. Accordingly, a municipal council that does not have a quorum must meet in a second meeting. Curiously enough, it is enough for three members to be present and entitled to vote.

“Then we’ll be finished today,” remarked Ekkehard Fauth dryly, shaking his head in slight disbelief at this situation, which he had now experienced for the first time in his 24 years as mayor of the municipality of Aidlingen.

By Eddie Langner

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