“the Applicants can go to accredited organizations in order to obtain a preliminary information search and assessment of patentability of the claimed technical solution, – explained the head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev. – Every year these decisions are becoming more complex and, if nothing changes, we will not be able to meet deadlines for the issuance of patents.”

Preliminary information search and assessment of patentability – the first stage of the assessment carried out by Rospatent. The same work can achieve the institutes of the Academy of Sciences institutes, leading universities and other organizations in the state are highly qualified narrow specialists, said Ivliev.

“the Practice of engaging external experts of known experience of a number of foreign agencies, for example, the patent offices of Japan, the Republic of Korea, – said Grigory Ivliev. – In this case information search provided by the Civil code, will also be the Rospatent, but, subject to the outcome of the preliminary procedures.”

In Rospatent noted that after the expansion of the circle of experts count on increase of efficiency of their work. To debug external experts of Rospatent will be exactly a year. By that time signed the amendments will enter into force.