Actress Catherine Direktorenko sued for alimony from the father of my children actor Kirill Emelyanov. It is reported by telegram-channel “Mash”.

Emelyanov, as reported by “Rambler”, famous for execution of roles in such films and TV shows like “jumble”, “kadetstvo”, “Bastards”, “Kremlin cadets”, “the wood-Grouse. Return”, “Piatnitski”, “Eightieth”, “goodbye, boys” and “How I became Russian”.

Direktorenko — actress of the Moscow theater “School of modern play”. She played in such films and series as “the penal battalion”, “shadow Boxing”, “Loafers”, “Metro” and “Roofing-robot”.

In 2010 Emelyanov and Direktorenko got married. In 2011 they had a son Stephen, and in 2013-m — son Vasily. In 2016, they divorced. Some time ago, Direktorenko through the court required the former husband to pay alimony for the education of sons. Recently the judge granted her claim and ordered Yemelyanov to pay 17 thousand rubles monthly for each child.

In June, the actress Agatha muceniece divorced actor Paul Priluchny. They got married in 2011 and in 2013 started the first child in 2016 and the second in February 2020 muceniece has announced his intention to divorce Priluchny, and in April accused him of domestic violence. It was reported that muceniece has not filed a statement to recover from Priluchnogo alimony.