The personality of Hans-Georg Maassen polarizes. The former president of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution has been elected chairman of the right-wing conservative union of values ​​and is drawing a lot of criticism. CDU leader Friedrich Merz now wants to get rid of the controversial CDU colleague as quickly as possible.

For years, Hans-Georg Maassen has repeatedly caused controversy with controversial statements. In the past few days he had again come under heavy criticism. In a tweet he claimed that the thrust of the “driving forces in the political and media space” was “eliminatory racism against whites”. In an interview he spoke of a “red-green racial theory”. Several CDU politicians then called on him to leave the party and threatened with a motion to be expelled from the party.

CDU leader Friedrich Merz has now also commented on Maassen’s personnel. “His language and the ideas he expresses with it have no place in the CDU. This is the limit. We asked Mr. Maassen to leave the party,” Merz told Bild am Sonntag. But a quick end is apparently not in sight. “Excluding a party is not easy, but we are currently examining carefully what options we have,” the CDU leader continued.

Maassen is a member of the Thuringian CDU, but has no office or function in the state association.