congratulations are in order. Piero Esteriore (41) is, once again, become a father. This is the Ex-“music star”participants on Facebook to announce. “Welcome to the world, my little Princess,” writes Esteriore to a picture with his newborn daughter Romina Rose. 51 inches tall, and 3.58 pounds, the small Baby at birth was on Thursday. In the Post, the singer also congratulated his wife Sophia (25), which it is since 2017 is married.

“It is an absolute desire child,” said the singer previously to VIEW. That he will, once again, the father, was a small miracle. For 2015, Piero received during a routine investigation of the shock diagnosis of testicular cancer. After a week-long investigation in urology in a Basel clinic Esteriore had to have the affected testicle removed.

That Sophia was pregnant, had been for the Couple a Surprise. The last years would not have prevented Esteriore and Sophia, pregnant, his wife had become never. “Now it’s finally happened yet, although we have not expected it. This proves that you can witness with only one Testicle still children.”

It is the third child for the musician. From previous relationships Esteriore has already daughter Alessia (16) and son, Leandro (8). (klm/hgo)