The Miss is mommy! Alina book Schacher (28) is expecting her first child, as she reveals the “SI”. Long the baby belly was not to be seen. As you then on the Morning of the 2. August uprising and all of a sudden, a abdomen, have it verchlüpft you “revenge”.

dad of the child is the book schachers friend Fabien Papini (27). He and the Miss Switzerland 2011, shortly before her coronation a Few. In November of 2017, there were rumors of a love crisis, from Berne spoke of, that you both need some distance from each other.

Alina Buchschaher is in the 29. Week

But this is no longer an issue. Book Schacher and Papini offers the Baby and the future together as a family. So far the pregnancy progressed easily and without the Nausea. Book Schacher appetite for it, however, for different things. “Watermelon, Cheeseburgers, and Kägi, I could eat Fret always”, tells the from Berne, and already in the 29. Week. Your emotions become extreme, adds her friend.

The birth look forward to the two of them relaxed. “We are on nothing, but know everything Important.” Also the sex of the baby tell you. “It is “ä Bueb”.” (paf)