Former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone speaks out again about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. After his glorification of the Russian president, the 91-year-old now sounds very different. He recalls his own youth during the war.

Ecclestone corrects Putin statement: Bernie Ecclestone apologizes after more than a week for his controversial statements about Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The 91-year-old ex-Managing Director of Formula 1 says on “Sky Sports”: “People often come and say or do things without thinking too much. It was probably the same for me.” He could also understand that people would think “that I defend what he did in Ukraine, but I don’t do that”.

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“I feel sorry for the people in Ukraine”: Ecclestone explains that he himself was born during the Second World War. “So I know how it feels and I’m sorry for the people of Ukraine who have to suffer for something they didn’t do.” And he’s sorry if he upset anyone with his statements, “Because I didn’t want it.”

What Ecclestone said about Putin last week: Ecclestone said on a morning TV show that by invading Ukraine, Putin was merely doing “what he thought was the right thing for Russia.” Ecclestone also said that Putin was a “first-class personality”. He would still “walk through fire” for the Kremlin chief.