He is the champion maker. In 1989, Romano Simioni (84) acts as FCL-President, as the intra-Swiss surprising end of season lift the Champions trophy in the height. It is the first and only title so far in the history of the FCL.

in the Meantime, it is far from such a far. Sporty man kicks in the midfield of the Super League. And off the court, the FCL is struggling with even greater problems. After a spiteful and bitter power struggle in the club’s management equal to three shareholders from the Board of Directors this week resigned. In addition, the main investor Bernhard Alpstaeg has given his resignation three weeks ago (LOOK told). Trench warfare, the damage to the Image of the FCL is enormous.

“bring A disaster for the club”

Simioni, the Situation in the Luzernern to the point. He speaks of a large “Durenand”. Then he thinks for a moment and adds: “And this is homemade.” His heart bleeds, as a former President. “Of course it hurts. But I don’t know the backgrounds. I don’t know how the Whole thing looks like financially.”

Therefore, he does not want to comment on, too big on the current Situation in the Luzernern. Only so much: “It is a disaster for the club, if the upper range in the leadership fight.”

According to the balance sheet majority shareholder, Bernard Alpstaeg, has around 750 million Swiss francs in the account. Samih Sawiris is supposed to be 1.5 billion hard. Simioni: “in the past it was better. Previously it has worked with what you had.”

the Clear words of the man who has led the FCL for 23 years and referred to the title of 1989’s self as a “miracle”. Of course his club is interested in him even today. “I follow the games, but not in the stadium,” he says. In the hope that the FCL will find again soon in calmer waters.