Gilles Yapi sitting in a Bistro in the vicinity of the stadium and told of his life, as all of a sudden the end is nigh. “You get in the car. Boom. You get on the plane. Conclusion. You don’t know when it happened, but it will happen. We are all going to die,” says the 37-Year-old.

Quite the contrary: “I am ready and can hardly wait to get to heaven. the Because it is on the earth is getting crazy. The people have no joy in it. You don’t know what you want, are selfish.”

250’000 Swiss francs liabilities

he had been until ten years ago, so, says Yapi. Then, as he stood close to the abyss. the “I had a Depression, thought of suicide, it was too much for me.” Nearly 250 ‘000 francs, the debt of the former YB-professional accumulated because he lost after an injury in the world of black magic. the occult instead of medicine.
women’s stories, Internet-pornography, Yapis life out of joint. “A lot of people didn’t know how bad it is for me at the time. I couldn’t tell anyone. I was very well known, and was afraid of negative reactions.”

The rescue in the form of an angel. “I had a girlfriend at the time, she is my wife. the you saved me because you led me to God and to me the glad tidings announced,” said Yapi.

It is a revelation for the sensitive Ivorians who starts in the coming years, and with the FCB champion three times. “Before I played football, to be the Best. the Since then, I play football, to give my Best. That’s the difference,” he says. This is the advice he gives to his players in the U21 of the FCB. “If you want to be the Best, in my opinion, is bad, then it’s only competition. Then the problems start.”
Where Yapi is out of the way.

Yapi has not condemned Wieser warping

people who think differently and nothing to do with his Faith can begin to use it. “I once told a neighbor of God, he said I should go,” said Yapi. He respect that, know that sin is put by birth in every human being. “She has different faces. Violence, drugs, alcohol, lies, theft, and many other things. I have five children. The are still small. the I never told you that you should lie. But also they’re lying. This is all inside of us.” The solution is for each of you, so Yapi: “We have a choice. God has given us the will to change. The most Important thing is to love your neighbor.”

And to forgive him. the has he forgiven the former Aarau-professional Sandro Wieser, stepped on him five years ago, with a rough Foul to the hospital. So, as it’s forgiving others that have led him at that time, ten years ago, on the wrong path. Where the path leads him for Yapi clear. In the sky. Obs for a long time, he knows not. “You get in the car. Boom!”