On the 14. June, the wife of strike takes place in Switzerland. Adela Smajic (26) finds this unnecessary, as it in a comment for “tele Basel.ch” writes. The Ex-Bachelorette, the tele Basel show, “Glam” produced, going on 14. June is not a strike. The reason: they didn’t want to be in a victim role pushed.

“I don’t see us women as victims,”

“To make something clear, I love to be a woman. I have, therefore, great difficulty that to me is today urging from the Public, the victims of the wife role,” she writes. “And the woman’s strike to support the, in my opinion. I don’t see us women as victims.” She calls for women to prefer in everyday life, for the rights to use, instead of doing this with a strike. “We are, however, people can claim what they want. Clearly it takes in certain situations, a lot of courage, heart and strength. However, these are all attributes we have as women. This we do not need to on 14. June on the streets, but in our daily show.”

“I demand what’s mine”

Smajic says: “I’m for equal pay and find it underground, that women are partly still being discriminated against from the very beginning in this respect. Every man should earn as much how well he does his Job.” From the beginning, with a lower wage for women to enter, was “unfair”. “But, I don’t go to the streets to demand a higher wage. I invite my supervisor to a meeting, reserve a meeting room and to go with my claims in a transparent and am argumentative prepared. I am asking what is owed to me. And I don’t, by I on 14. June on the barricades to go,” she writes.

“Not every compliment is sexist meant”

Will you be reduced to your Appearance, which is often the case, shake them up, just the head. “I don’t know if the sentence “Ah, you’re not so how you look” as a compliment or as an insult. Case, the end looks to the neckline, derogatory images of the intimate areas of foreign men, etc. I experience time and again,” she writes. “But I’ve learned to stand on it. I will not let it come to me and simply shake only the head. There are such moments. I don’t put the woman’s world: never Let such things to me. Tried of your way to wave away. And don’t forget: Not all are like that. Not every compliment is sexist meant to be.” (kad)