Hertha BSC just prevented the fall into the second division, but there is still a lot in the way of the Berlin money burners. Ex-coach Jürgen Klinsmann put it on paper in 2020 in his legendary record of abuse – and received a lot of criticism. Now the Swabian is speaking again.

Internal report: club management, players, structures, doctors and supervisors – everything was examined at Hertha BSC. And the reckoning in his Hertha logs was tough and revealing – but the echo for then coach Jürgen Klinsmann was devastating when the logs became public in early 2020. “Of course it hurt me a lot that the diaries, this work report, ended up being made public. This was an internal report that was never, ever intended for the media. But he was honest,” said Klinsmann, according to “Bild”.

Honest report: However, the 59-year-old does not regret the revealing content of his tough report, which analyzed the weaknesses of players and the environment: “Everything that was in there, because it was an honest work report, was correct. I don’t have a bad conscience about that. I was just sorry that it was then spread over weeks and months because it had never happened in this form.”

Mistakes when withdrawing: Klinsmann later regretted his hasty withdrawal from Berlin after only nine games on the coaching bench via Facebook announcement: “Looking back, I should have communicated it differently. I’m a guy, I get very emotional, when the camel’s back is practically overflowing, then that’s how it is. Then I certainly didn’t think about certain things in such a way that they could evoke such a tremendous response as in the situation.”

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