Coronakrisen’ve got several Danish bosses to change the attitude to homework, according to a new survey.

Every fifth leader will have employees to work more at home after coronakrisen.

It shows a new study from the trade union Leaders, writes Politiken on Monday.

In the study, which was conducted among 1.298 managers, only three percent of the respondents said that they will use less of the homework.

69 percent expect the amount of homework will be the same as before the crisis.

At the Leaders believe ledelsesrådgiver Michael Uhrenholt, to coronakrisen has set in motion a development that is not going to stop when the virus has loosened its grip on the country.

– There are a great many danes right now, that gets built up it capabilities and routines for homework, as they and their workplace can benefit from in the next many years, he says to Politiken.

– I think the devil, that the consequence will be that more people get to work over the distance after coronakrisen.

Professor emeritus at CBS, Henrik Holt Larsen, researcher in management and employees ‘ well-being, is also convinced that there will be more homework after coronakrisen.

– What has surprised me the most during the coronakrisen, is how smoothly the transition to the homework is gone, although the society has been ripped on the tick and the cross, he says to Politiken.

for many years There have been predictions that the labour market would change, so more would work from home.

But up until now, the great revolution failed to materialize. The latest figures from Statistics Denmark showed that only 3 out of 10 employed people worked at home at least once in the course of four consecutive weeks in 2018.

One of the reasons why homework is not have really taken off, may be that there has been a deep-rooted myth that employees are not doing something, when they work at home.

the Study from the Managers also confirm that managers expect that employees ‘ productivity during coronakrisen is lower than normal.