We sampled Nima Pouyamajd’s delicious Iranian cuisine last March at Super Condiments. The one who has devoted himself to Italian cuisine in recent years, at Succeda, had prepared a one-night meal as part of an event to raise awareness of the struggle of women in Iran.

Until May 13, the chef is at the Boxermans restaurant to offer dishes that combine the Persian tastes of his childhood with the cuisines he likes to eat today, including pasta and crudo (fish).

Nima, who grew up in Montreal, refuses to put a strict label on his cuisine, which he describes as a melting pot.

“The dish that excites me the most — and scares me the most at the same time!” — is a lamb shank cooked for a long time in a herb and rhubarb stew,” reveals the chef.

The plates will be shared and accompanied by excellent cocktails and wines from the Boxermans menu, until the end of service on Saturday evening. And who knows, maybe a “Nima” restaurant will see the light of day…one day!