Dusseldorf – advertising, it is immediately striking: “the Last hairdresser before the underpass,”is on a poster in front of the Hair & Barbershop “Cut Corner” at the intersection of Carolingian and brook street in Düsseldorf Bilk. And this is actually true, because the railway bridge is located just 15 meters.

So likeable in the eyes tongue-in-cheek saying over, so authentic and love the “Cut Corner”-Team-in-chief André light scheidt (36). His new idea: to do A soup kitchen out of his empty Salon!

For the past 11 years, the hairdresser is self-employed, has met with the Salon in the ‘ 50s-style, a dream. His customers, he is always the same: “beer or Whiskey?” The drinks are cut in the hair are included.

hair is more to him than just a profession. It is a vocation. But light scheidt’s coming for Corona to its limits. Since the 24. March is close. As all the Salons in Germany. At least until the 19th century. April – but probably even longer.