For comparison: since February President of the Novartis-CEO, Vas Narasimhan was compensated in his first year in office, with just under 6.7 million Swiss francs.

The basic content of Swan’s fraud, as in the previous year: 4 million francs. Slightly higher payments by the employer for pension and insurance companies, as well as the other payments.

40 million for the entire line

All members of the Roche Executive Committee, together received in the reporting year, 39.3 million francs, to 40.2 million in 2017, as the today is Thursday published the annual report of Roche.

Chairman of the Board Christoph Franz earned 5.7 million Swiss francs, the same as in the previous year. Novartis-President Jörg Reinhard was compensated with 3.8 million Swiss francs. (SDA)