“Not at the expense of the women” – this phrase we can hear in the next few months often. It should be said that you don’t want to adjust the retirement age of women to that of men.

the new Union boss Pierre-Yves Maillard, said on the VIEW from Monday: “Not at the expense of the women.” You are at a disadvantage in many areas, earn less salary, have to content themselves often with part-time jobs, provided more child care and household work.

Maillard is right. But men could make a run into the box, that they are subject to military duty in cases of divorce, more often Second and some would prefer to do some more household work, drudgery, instead of in any kind of weather on the construction site, in a noisy factory halls or in Tunnels.

However, the mutual Play of the sexes is not the goal of a leader. You, dear reader, have known, that the average annual old-age pension is higher for women than for men? In 2017, it amounted to 1865 francs; while for men it was “just” 1837 Swiss francs. Well understood: I am not talking about the over the years, added pension, the sum of which in women fails alone because of the higher life expectancy and earlier pension is higher than for men. I am speaking of the ordinary AHV / AVS pension per month. Wers not believe you can consult the table part of the AHV statistics.

to be Honest, I could not trace this number, as I was browsing in the AHV statistics. Flight, I remembered that had charged our statisticians already in the so-called marriage penalty is criminal.

So I asked at the Federal social insurance office (BSV) for an explanation and received as answer: “the main reason is the large number of widows who get, on average, a high pension, which pushes the overall average for the women is on top.”

Aha, the widows are there, the backs of the average pension of women, visually at least, into better light. The widow’s pension did I forget the mutual Play smooth. Thus it is necessary to know that even the childless widows are entitled to a widow’s pension, provided they, upon the death of the man the 45. Years of age and a minimum of five years were married. It is between 948 and 1896 francs per month.

This pension for the future, childless widows was Federal councillor Alain Berset, by the way, was then but in the last pension reform of it. The Reform would have otherwise likely failed even more clearly. But not at the expense of the children of the widows free, it would have been approved otherwise. Needless to mention that childless widower, quite rightly, have no entitlement to a widower’s pension.