The President of the most important Swiss professional organization for age-related issues, has called for an increase in the retirement age. “Without reforms there will be more at risk of poverty of pensioners,” said Pro-Senectute-Boss and Ex-Federal councillor Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf.

“We need to consider the increase in the retirement age, the pension age must be no sacred cow,” said the 63-year-old BDP-politician in a on Tuesday in the Tamedia Newspapers publish the Interview. The current pension System is no longer be financially viable. “We urgently need solutions, which aim at a time horizon of ten years or more.”

The former justice and Finance Minister, fears that without reforms, fewer and fewer people out of their pension can live and additional jobs to look for. “So these people are missing the voluntary work, because this is now done for the most part, of persons between 65 and 74 years of age.” This resource way the case but that would be new, additional problems, such as in the care of the Elderly.

More Flexibility in

To a certain AHV retirement age did not want to specify Widmer-Schlumpf. “Whether it is 66 or 67 years: it is Important that more flexible opportunities will be created. A construction worker, for example, may not work for the same time as a lawyer.”

the Urgent need for reform identified Widmer-Schlumpf, also in the second pillar, and calls for a debate on the lowering of the conversion rate to the pension capital. “Today’s retirees receive, in relation to their contributions to high performance of the pension funds.” The boy injustice be done: In the second column would migrate every year, around eight billion francs from the younger to the older Generation, “although the system is illegal”.

Widmer-Schlumpf considers fundamental reforms in the pension possible. “But first, there is a large crowding-out mechanism must be overcome. You do not want to talk over the aging or potential problems in old age.” Politicians would think, moreover, little about a legislative “out”. (SDA)