Evacuation, the work of the doctors and robotic deliverymen: the world is struggling with 2019 coronavirus-nCoV

the Number of people infected with coronavirus new type amounted to 15 thousand. Killed more than 300.

the Number of infected grows inexorably, the alarm sounding even in countries where it has not yet reached the coronavirus. For example, flights from China earlier on arrived in Turkey, USA, Germany and the UK. These planes are trafficked not only its citizens but also everyone who wants to leave the dangerous China.

“Just returned 42 passengers, 32 of them were citizens of Turkey and were there with their families, says Fahrettin koca, Minister of health of Turkey. Including was returned 6 citizens of Azerbaijan, 3 of a citizen of Georgia and one citizen of Albania. In accordance with the advice of the scientific Council during this trip has taken all necessary measures, including masks and other remedies”.

Masks and remedies perhaps the most popular goods in the midst of contamination — the Chinese Hubei. Them queues, manufacturers are forced to work without breaks and weekends. “We haven’t been home for seven days, we’re working overtime for the production of disinfectant, says hang On, working. — I’m happy to contribute to the fight against the epidemic”.

effort and not enough funds for high-quality diagnostics. In Wuhan every hour appear information about the new cases of infection. A careful allocation of resources. “I think public health Commission has rules relating to the management of the distribution of the patients, so now we take samples from only some of them, said Li Yan, Director of laboratory Department of Renmin hospital of Wuhan University. — If we need to acquire a sample and test every suspected case, there will be a surge in our workload. Currently, our capabilities allow us to test samples only in those cases that have been confirmed by clinical discovery.”

Those who managed to avoid of infection, afraid to leave their homes. They don’t come out even for food. To help displaced prisoners come technology. The Chinese tech giant at an accelerated pace has developed robots for delivery. Machines the virus is not terrible, which means that they can bring home food and necessities.

In Russia the situation with coronavirus remains stable. After reports of two cases of infection of the disturbing information has been received. The CPS has released videos with explanations how to protect themselves from the virus. If you follow the simple rules, the risk of infection is reduced significantly.