she didn’t deserve This: Since the summer of 2018, Eva is the host of Wannenmacher (48) the “culture of place” late in the evening under poor conditions. For the past 15 years, she performs with a lot of Esprit by the consignment. The Format it creates, not least thanks to her intellectual topics drinkable to be processed, but suffers from a misguided program structure on Wednesday evening.

In the late summer of last year gave SRF the Quiz slot 20 PM. That was only for the “Rundschau” halfway of advantage that has been brought forward. So if you wanted to move the football competition on SRF zwei. The “cultural space” suffers since then, including that SRF before cheap bought-in shows, documentaries. They are often bulky and miss the point of the audience. However, they cost only around 14’000 Swiss francs, in contrast to a self-produced Doc, which consumes about 136’000 Swiss francs. Thus, the whole of Wednesday evening, however, comes to tours.

76000 wanted the “culture space” in the first half of 2019, the average

to see last week that the “culture threw space,” an exciting look on the affair by Harvey Weinstein (67). However, the broadcast saw just 77’000 viewers (11.4 percent market share). This is not a slip of the tongue, but is located exactly in the half of section 2019 (76’000). No wonder: earlier in the evening broadcast documentary on the topic of gastronomy tasted only a few. Just 148’000 viewers for the send place a very moderate rate – wanted to see the contribution from the supply closet. He is, after all, already three years old. And then it becomes very difficult to keep the audience to a late hour at the bar.

for today’s “culture square” it will not be easy. He attacks the current issue of “Homo, Hetero, Trans, as queer, the world is that?” guaranteed colorful. Previously, the heavy stuff is going on: the documentary “Born in the Iranian prison – refurbishment of trauma”. Also, it was purchased and comes from 2016.

Inexplicable is why SRF has invested in the “culture space”, to verlochen the shipment to the witching hour. The editorial office was moved this summer to Basel – in a swanky, of the Star-architects Herzog & de Meuron created the construction, which resulted in 27 million Swiss francs.

demands for a better place

one thing is Clear: The “culture course” has earned a better place – just like the well-made science magazine “Einstein” running on Thursday following a “10 before 10”, and much too late. It is worked: a well-known SRF has written-Moderator, TV-Director, Nathalie Wappler (51), both programs are in urgent need of a better place. In fact, one gets the impression, SRF sliding the elaborate formats, as long as into the Offside, until you can say: It does not need more.

LOOK under the SRF submitted a number of questions to ensure the child on Wednesday evening. The short answer: “knowledge and culture topics in SRF is a high priority. The Review of Broadcasting channels and content is an ongoing process.”