The Belgians were asked to eat more French fries on the background of the pandemic coronavirus that erupted in the world. It is reported by CNBC, citing local traders Association potatoes Belgapom.

Belgium is home to fries, the dish was invented in Europe in the XVII century. On the background of the coronavirus that erupted in 2020, the country has closed bars and restaurants where to taste the famous potatoes. Due to the fall in demand has created a surplus of product — more than 750 thousand tons of a potato at risk of landfills if not used.

To save the situation, the Association appealed to the Belgians with a call to increase weekly consumption of French fries and include it in the diet at least twice a week, while caused by a coronavirus, the crisis will not end.

Earlier it was reported that the beer industry was in danger because of the pandemic. Small craft Breweries may not survive the crisis. For example, in Germany, the brewery is closed Werneck, founded in 1617 and survived the Second world war.