The desire for military superiority in Europe might lead to the return of the cold war era, said Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Alexander Grushko. Thus the diplomat commented on the signing of the Final act of the conference on security and cooperation in Europe, signed 45 years ago.

Grushko noted that the policy of Europe, which at the moment is not based on respect for the legitimate interests of all States in the OSCE region, counterproductive and undermines European security.

“the Military superiority they will not achieve, but can achieve a situation similar to the cold war, with all costs for their own security,” the diplomat said, his words leads TASS.

Grushko believes that the pursuit of military superiority has a very dangerous trend, including for most of Europe.

“They would be destabilizing and certainly won’t enhance security for anyone, including those States that today declare themselves “frontline” and 45 years after the signing of the Helsinki final act entered into competition for the right to host on its territory the American troops,” — said Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.

Grushko added that this situation indicates a crisis situation in the sphere of European security.

Earlier, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the potential joint development of Russia and Europe is currently not implemented because of the policies of some Western countries that abandoned the ideas of former French President Charles de Gaulle. According to Lavrov, Europe is now experiencing a crisis of confidence, and truly United European space was never built.