The front to see the internal plans of the Ministry of defence, which were discussed according to dpa-information on the political level, as well as with industry representatives. Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) had to agree to the Plan, as it was said in the parliamentary sphere.

type of aircraft obsolete – it is a question of billions

The German armed forces currently has a total of 234 combat aircraft, including 141 Eurofighter from the European manufacturer Airbus and 93 of the Tornado Jets. The front of nearly 40 years, introduced the Tornado is designed for the tasks of air attack, tactical air reconnaissance and electronic warfare – and just for the nuclear deterrent. In flight 83 the machines are operating, a further ten aircraft will be used for training on the ground, as well as for military Tests. Germany is one of the last users of this type of aircraft. The operation threatens to cost so soon additional billion, because spare parts are the manufactory to work.

dpa/Oliver Berg/dpa, A Eurofighter of the Tactical Air force squadron 31 fly a Exercise.

the follow-up decision, when it is spread out over the years to a two-digit billion amount, it has a longer rings given. The negotiated Plan is designed to reconcile the security policy needs with industrial policy, it is, among other things, to strong Bavarian interests. The Airbus armor division has its Headquarters in Bavaria, in Manching Eurofighter final Assembly. One way or the other – on the time-track of a future Federal government will make the final decision.

No points for nuclear deterrence concept

the Politically difficult the project is, but also because of the “special role” of the tornado: The nuclear deterrence concept of Nato requires that allies in case of war have to be able to bear access to the nuclear weapons of the United States, so the bombs to the target. Never officially confirmed, but a kind of open secret: In Büchel in the Eifel mountains, a 20-thermo nuclear B61 gravity bombs of the US armed forces camps, which can be geklinkt under German tornadoes.

The theme is made for the mutual assistance obligations in the TRANS-Atlantic Alliance is Central, but You can do that in Germany, no points, especially as the SPD politician. Has not shaken the SPD on it since the year 1958 but. “Nuclear deterrence will remain for the foreseeable future, an essential component of the European security architecture. The nuclear part of Germany secures a greater impact on the nuclear strategy of Nato,” said SPD defense politician Fritz Felgentreu in October of the dpa. And: “we should not give up lightly, especially when we have arms control and disarmament, to enforce.”

Two-fleet concept: “Super Hornet” and “Growler” in the approach

a replacement for the Tornado military referred to planner to a need to be able to use security with two different machines, and guarantee. Strategies speak of a Two fleet concept.

A solution should now look like this:

For the Nuclear part should have around 30 F-18 the Version of “Super Hornet” to be procured. For the US model is that a certification by the United States problem appears to be loser than the Eurofighter, finally, Washington can determine the pace here. For the electronic air combat – the Disturb, and Fight enemy air defense positions are also 15 F-18 in the Version of “Growler” procured.

The new Eurofighter, the other tasks of the Tornado take over fleet air reconnaissance, the use of conventional bombs and fighter aircraft. The relatively large number of pieces of at least 78 Euro fighters – but probably about 90 – comes about because machines are to be bought as a replacement for older Eurofighter Tranche 1.

hundreds of thousands fear for their jobs

The Plan, the interests of the European arms industry is true. The same is true for the together with France, operated to project a new air combat system (“FCAS”), which will be from 2040 to available, it says. That the German industrial capacity in the future and jobs will remain saved, had politicians such as Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder calls. Airbus, however, had also warned, in the case of a purchase of F-18 in Germany, could be fighters, plans for the sale of Euro in Switzerland, to Finland and to Spain jiggle.

Even before the known of the plans, the IG Metall and works councils in a fire, the letter warned against the purchase of American F-18 instead of the Eurofighter. 100 000 jobs in Europe are from the Eurofighter-dependent, including 25 000 in Germany. “The purchase of the F-18 would not only allow the German tax money in the billions in the USA to flow, but at the same time, the future of military air and space travel in Germany in danger,” it said in the letter that was addressed to Kramp-karrenbauer, Minister of economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier, and Federal Chancellery Minister Helge Braun (all CDU).

motorists had to wait: a train driver is parked on the level crossing because he’s really thirsty, PCP, motorists had to wait: a train driver is parked on the level crossing because he’s really thirsty,