EU suspends resettlement of refugees

“Now all the ways of legal entry into Europe for migrants are effectively cut off,” admits the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Thus it turns out that Greece and Italy, on the territory which has already hit tens of thousands of asylum seekers are left with this serious problem alone, as the face of coronavirus.

Turkey threatens the EU the influx of refugees over the unfulfilled promises

Forced measures already approved in the International organization for migration and the Office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees. “Poor families are forced to leave their homeland, have now become victims COVID-19” – threw the hands of international officials. The newspaper reminds that the German authorities are still conducting a policy of “open doors” that the other EU countries set an example, committed to the end of 2020 to provide about 15700 places on the program of resettlement of refugees. It was expected that up to 9,000 people will be able to enter Germany under the quota under the agreement between the EU and Turkey. Today Germany managed to take 8727 asylum seekers. “Further implementation of the program will be suspended,” confirmed in Berlin amid a European decision to close the EU’s external borders.

Bulgaria will require the EU’s € 130 million to combat migrants

the German government admit that at all desire the program now simply nobody to execute. All employees of the German Federal office for migration and refugees was urgently recalled from abroad. “How much time will remain “state of siege” not clear yet”, – declared a source of Agency DPA. According to preliminary data – for 30 days but may be longer. In such conditions, Berlin took a Solomonic decision: in fact, foreigners are rare exceptions to let the country will not, however, formally, their applications are not rejected. As recently as early March, the ruling coalition in Germany after long discussions made the difficult decision to take to two thousand minors in Greek Islands. It was about children under the age of 14 years, ostavshisI have no adult support or in dire need of medical supplies.