To protect employees, new employment contracts from August 1, 2022 should contain significantly more information. A new EU directive ensures this. FOCUS shows what rights you will have as a new and long-standing employee.

Employers have various information and documentation obligations, which are regulated in Germany in the so-called Proof Act (NachwG). Among other things, your employer must provide you with the most important information in the employment contract, such as working hours, notice periods and salary.

This obligation to provide information is now being expanded due to the new EU Directive 2019/1152. We give you an overview of what is included in new employment contracts from August 1, 2022 – and why employees with existing contracts will also benefit from this.

Previously, the following points had to be included in an employment contract:

With the new EU directive and the associated amendment to the law, these requirements are changing. In addition to the above points, employers must now also provide the following information:

But the change in the law is not only important for new hires. Even if you have an existing employment contract, you have the right from August 1, 2022 to request the above information from your employer in writing.

Ideally, of course, your employer will have already informed you about this, especially if you have been working for the company for a long time.

But especially if you are unclear about regulations such as shift work or breaks, or if you were hired or changed jobs shortly before the deadline, the new feature can be of use to you.