The 5G technology will not affect the health of Russians. With this assessment in an interview with the Agency “Prime” was made medical Director of the service “SmartDrive” Vladislav Mohamed Ali.

According to him, about the harmful effects of 5G networks too early, because they have not yet entered commercial operation, and all the arguments about this are hypothetical in nature.

“the use of 5G will lead to certain changes, much research was conducted on this matter and disputes about them do not cease,” — said Mohamed Ali.

He recalled the existence of the phenomenon, when people are placed in a shielded space, you begin to feel worse than when they are placed in an electromagnetic field. The specialist added that people live in conditions where the electromagnetic field is the Earth, there is solar radiation and other electromagnetic fields that affect the residents. In addition, urban residents are regularly exposed to the impact of electromagnetic noise that creates a Wi-Fi router and mobile phone.

However, the man is very well adapted to the new environment, so after some time “those proposed changes that can be neutralized by our body,” said Mohamed Ali. He called calmly to new technologies and not to worry about the safety of a new generation of 5G networks. The data that they affect the genetic code, currently there are, he concluded.

On 28 July it became known that the company “Mobile TeleSystems” owns the MTS brand, the first in Russia received a license to create a 5G network in almost all regions of Russia — 83 of 85 subjects. A permit has been issued by Roskomnadzor, it is valid until July 16, 2025.

Online you can find a lot of conspiracy theories about the connection of the coronavirus, chipping, 5G and powerful organizations like the CIA or Masonic Lodge. In may 2020, the General Prosecutor’s office demanded to restrict access to sites that host videos with false information about the coronavirus, which the authors call the pandemic “special operation” to create a vaccine and use it to implant people with chips, and then to reduce the world’s population.