the head of the Russian-Israeli chamber of Commerce Eli gerwitz assessed the prospects of building a gas pipeline to Israel EastMed. About it reports RIA Novosti news Agency.

According to experts, the plans of Israel will not hit economic cooperation tel Aviv to Moscow. “I would not have tried to oppose Israel and Russia in this context. We live in a multidimensional world which is very different from the model of “own” — “alien”” he said. Gerwitz also expressed doubt regarding the fact that the EastMed project will be implemented in the period to 2025.

the Expert added that relations between tel Aviv and Moscow “are developing rapidly and will flourish further.” “The level of economic relations between Russia and Israel now need to be measured in billions of dollars, the amount of which may be subject to external factors, such as coronavirus, and the vector and the attitude,” said gerwitz.

Israel early in the year signed a tripartite agreement with Cyprus and Greece on the construction of the East-Mediterranean gas pipeline (EastMed), which will send gas from the Israeli field “Leviathan” and the Cyprus “Aphrodite” in continental Europe. However, for the beginning of works you must still obtain the signature of Italy.

Investment in construction is estimated at six billion euros, and the project capacity will amount to ten billion cubic meters of gas per year with possible increase to 20 billion cubic meters annually. The project may become an alternative to the “Nord stream-2” gas supply to Europe.